Weekly Report

Below is the weekly report for Saturday, April 1, 2017

  Week 12 W/C 27/03/17    
Beat Mon Weights Tue Weights Wed Weights Thu Weights Fri Weights Sat Weights Totals
2                         0
3                         0
4                         0
5                 1 8lbs     1
6                         0
7                         0
8                 1 10lbs     1
9     1 7lbs 2 10,9 lbs 1 10lbs         4
10                         0
11                         0
12                         0
L Beg         2 11,10 lbs         1 8lbs  3
13         1 10 lbs 1 8 lbs         2
LM                         0
Total 0   1   5   2   2   1   11

It has been a good week on the river with 11 fish taken so far. The only day we did not take fish was the Monday and this was a bright brassy day. The big tides brought the fish in and many that were caught were sea-liced.

Loch Beg and Beat 13 have started to produce more fish, with no water coming down the fish pass fish are starting to build up there.

We have had some rain, but only enough to give us an extra inch on the gauge.

The track to beat 10 and upper 9 is coming on and is pot-hole free! We have also started putting in some foundations for a new, larger, fish hut on Beat 10.

March has been a good month with 26 fish in total, over double last years total and the best for a few years. Pat Nicol took 5 fish for the month and Brian Lile took the biggest at an estimated 27lbs. Ally Bremner took  two fish for her three day visit.

Looking forward to April, it does look like the spring run has got off to an early start and we have our first fish for April landed, so lets hope the strong start continues.


Tight lines to all the rods visiting this coming month.


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