Weekly Report

Below is the weekly report for Sunday, July 14, 2019


In many ways this week could be described as a very frustrating week, to see the numbers of fish running that we have seen but somehow they seemed very reluctant to take, the unsettled water levels in the second half of the week didn't help, and along with very calm and  muggy overhead conditions that all added  up to conspire against  us. But thankfully on Saturday everything settled down and the weather cooled down and we had our best day of the season to date with 33 fish in the book.

There is no doubt now that we have a good head of fish spread throughout the river with a good mix of grilse and summer salmon and new fish coming in every day, and with loch more full again we are in a very good position for the second half of July.


While most fishing this week caught fish notable catches included Romain Leroy from France who caught his first ever salmon, a fresh 14 pounder from beat 8.

Charlie Cameron and Robbie Morrison also visiting  for the first time had their first Thurso salmon from beats 10 and 8..


Looking ahead to next week Monday is looking a bit warmer but unsettled weather looks to return by midweek. 

I firmly believe if the overhead and water conditions remained settled we could well be in for a good week.




A common sight on the Thurso are both red and roe deer. 


Roe deer can be seen regularly on the lower and middle river, as the river moves into the upper beats and the flow country becomes a dominant feature of the landscape red deer become more common.


While both can often be seen during the day it is in the evenings and early morning both become more confident moving down from higher up or from the cover of trees or the long summer grasses.

They can often be found with their young and are a welcome addition to the beauty of the flow country, however be cautious during dusk and dawn while travelling the roads around the  river as they can often be found close to the roadside, and roe deer in particular can be difficult to see in low light.


One final note, there are some last minute cancellations over the coming weeks, dont hesitate to contact John drummond for more information



Tight lines to all wetting a line next week





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