Weekly Report

Below is the weekly report for Sunday, February 14, 2021


To say it was cold this week would be some what of an understatement, caithness was right in the heart of the deep freeze that enveloped much of the country with temperature at loch more dipping as low as minus 20

Beat 10 (cruives eye)

This has been the coldest spell of weather seen on the banks of the Thurso since 2010 and it has often been said that cold winters produce good angling seasons. Fingers crossed for the season ahead.

Unfortunately this extreme cold weather has left the river  completely unfishable this week due to many pools frozen over and those that remained clear had large accumulations of grue. It does look like a thaw is on it's way this week so hopefully a few rods get out and we get out first fish of the season.

Please enjoy some more photos of a very cold river Thurso and happy valentine's day to all the lovers out there. 

Tight lines next week 


Beat 7 (between the mires)

Beat 8 (Dale stream)

Beat 11(old womans)

Beat 4 (Tail of Quarry pool)

Beat 9 (Jamie Sutherland's)

Beat 8 (mill streams Westerdale bridge)

Beat 2 (Well Pool)






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