Weekly Report

Below is the weekly report for Sunday, May 13, 2018


Given the conditions, 18 fish for the week is not a bad total. The twelve rods have had to work hard for their fish. We have had our usual mix of weather, days of overcast conditions  and days of bright sunshine, but we still had fish each day. Fish are being caught from the top to the bottom of the river, so any beat at the moment can produce fish. The river has been running at around 6 inches for most of the week but there is still enough water to bring some fresh fish in, a good number of the fish this week have been sea-liced, which is encouraging. As reported last week the rods out have are still encountering kelts as they make their way down river, kelts are often taken in May, but the number this year is unusually high.


There is no doubt that we could do with some rain; it is raining as I write this and the forecast says light rain for most of the day, it might give us a small rise, we will see. 


Tight lines to everybody fishing this coming week

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