Weekly Report

Below is the weekly report for Saturday, April 13, 2019



After last weeks spate the river started at 14 inches and dropped slowly to 10 inches by Saturday. By the end of the week we had 11 fish in the book. We had a couple of days where the sun shone and the wind dropped, which slowed sport. Angus Oughtred showed us all how to do it by taking 3 fish for his week and Ken McGeorge taking 2. Angus  and Paul Chambers, who last fished the river 25 years ago, both took the biggest fish weighing in at 12 lbs. Angus and Ken are both regular rods on the Thurso, but it was good to see a new face with, Ranald Falconer, fishing for the first time.




Out and about on the river I saw my first wheatear of the year newly arrived from Africa, I like these birds as they can be easily identified with their white rumps!



All the geese have gone from the fields around the river, conditions must have been right early in the week as these all seemed to disappear over night, back to Iceland and Greenland. 


As well as wildlife in and around the river, the seas around Caithness support a wide variety of Whale and Dolphins, with the occasional Basking shark. Whilst spotting them is by no means certain if you are lucky enough to catch it right seeing a pod of Killer whales just off from the coast is something you will not forget. Last weekend was a red letter day for many as a pod of killer whales were seen at Dunnet head.



 There is a website, and it gives you a lot of information about the best place to look for them and the different species that can be found.



If you are fishing next week tight lines.


Tim Hawes


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