Weekly Report

Below is the weekly report for Sunday, June 13, 2021


The overhead conditions this past week was definitely an improvement on the previous week with more general cloud cover and more wind especially during the second half of the week, however the salmon within the river never seemed fully committed to our anglers flies with many coming short or hooking lightly and coming off. Saturday was the best day of the week with 6 fish and coincidently it was the best overheads for fishing in a fortnight.

The chatter around the ghiilies in the mornings was all about seeing new fish running through the river and normally these are the ones that take readily but it seems the are active from 9pm to 9am and spend most of the daytime lying docile in wait of low light to move upstream. We are still waiting on our first grilse of the season but a few have came close to being caught but as any experienced salmon knows grilse are very good escape artists.


Matt Colman got our week up and running before breakfast on Monday with fresh fish from the Broad pool on beat 9 with  Denver Todd and Paul Smith taking a fish each from beat  2. And in all honesty it was pretty quiet after that until Saturday with Mr Cole and Matt Colman sharing 3 on beat 11 and Thurso stalwarts Freddy Sutherland and Mike leach taking a fish each on beat 3 and after a 20 year sabbatical Jamie Oliver ( no, not that one )made a welcome return with a nice fresh fish from beat 2. 

With no rain in the short range forecast we will have to rely on a mixture some cloud cover and wind with light tackle and some stealth.

Please take care on the roads as they are STILL in desperate need of repair, the stretch after Westerdale heading to loch More is bad but passable with care.


Tight lines next week

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