Weekly Report

Below is the weekly report for Sunday, May 12, 2019


With 20 fish for the week it has been our best week of the season and considering the conditions the rods did well. The river ran at around 5 inches for most of the week and the cold nights kept the water temperature down to the mid 50's. All the fish were  fresh with a good number still carrying sea lice, which showed that despite the low water there were fish running the river. The fish have been in excellent condition with a number in the mid teens, with the majority around the 10lb mark.  It was the lower beats or the deeper beats, like 6 and 7, that did better in the lower water. 


Jonathan Morsehead started off our week by taking the first fish from beat 4, in bright conditions, a sea-liced 9lb'r from Gerston. Tuesday saw Ian Muir take 2 10lb fish from beat 4. Wednesday saw the weather change and winter arrived for a day, with snow, hail and strong winds, the rods and ghillies may have been cold, but the conditions suited fishing and we took 7 fish for the day. Ian Muir and Tony Burgmans both had fish from beat 2 at 11lbs and 10lbs respectively. Eric Le Rossingal, a 9lb'r from beat 4, Jan Christersson, fishing with a party of rods from Sweden took a 10lb fish, backing up on beat 6. Beat 7 again showed the value of the deeper slower pools, with Patrick Ruane taking 2 at 16lbs and 13lbs and Jonathon Morsehead, on his first cast of the day, landing a lovely 12lb'r.


For the last three days conditions were generally the same, not perfect, but we had a reasonable breeze and variable cloud cover. Thursday  saw 3 fish from each of the lower beats, Eric Le Rossingal a 12lb fish from beat 2, Mark Newton a 6lb fish from Beat 3 and Jan-Ake Larsson, showed us the value of keeping your fly in the water with a lovely 16lb Salmon from the Braal pool on beat 4, the sun was beating down at the middle of the day and Jan connected to his first Thurso Salmon!


Jan-Ake admiring his Salmon.



Friday saw a similar patter with fish from each of the lower beats, Anders Sundquist a 11lb'r from beat 2, Patrick Ruane added a third fish for his week with a 9lb fish from beat 3 and Innes Rankin taking an 11lb fish from beat 4. Friday saw fish from Beat 3 with Ian Muir taking his 4th fish of the week from beat 3. Rachel Wardall took her first Thurso springer from the Comlifoot pool on beat 4, weighing in at 13lbs.


Rachel with her first Thurso Springer.



And Jonathon Morsehead finished the week with his third, a 9lb fish, backing up on beat 6.


I was on Loch Beg on Wednesday and we notice a larger wader near the run in to the loch, in obligingly flew towards the hut and it was identified as a Bar-tailed Godwit, these birds are on their way to Iceland to breed and often stop over in Caithness before their last hop to Iceland. It is unusual to see them on the river. Not my photo!


 The sun also brought out one of our regular reptiles, the common lizard. These tend to be up to the top of the river and can often be seen on the wooded walkways around Loch Beg, keep a look out and mind your feet!


Again not my photo, it was too quick!



For those fishing next week tight lines.








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