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Below is the weekly report for Monday, November 12, 2018


An Apology.


It the latest addition of Trout and Salmon, the October report is incorrect and it is in fact the report for October 2017. It is not the fault of Trout and Salmon and is my error so apologies to all. I have included the October report below and it will be corrected in the next issue of Trout and Salmon.

Trout and Salmon report for October.

Well, in my last report I asked for good spate and we got a reasonable one, so I will not complain! The good water gave us a strong end to the season with the last three weeks of the season giving us 326 fish. The season finished on the 5th of October and in those 5 days we caught 136 Salmon, which took the seasons total to 505, so all in all a good finish to what was a very poor season.

Many of the upper beats fished well as the fish moved up the river from the sea and beat 1, beat 9 and beat 11 fished particularly well, Peter Grubb and his party took 13 fish from beat 9, with David Steel and his party taking 9 from beat 11. Kerry Hardy gave us a master class on fishing various wake flies with 11 fish from beat 3. As always congratulations go to those who catch their first salmon, Lewis Medley not only took his first salmon, but followed it up with three others, he was fishing with another novice, Eddie Medley, who took a further 6. Well done guys!

We have now finished our season and we have seen some big spates which have been great to clear out the weed and rubbish that has accumulated in the river over the year. We will be looking at the river over the next month closely, to see how many fish we have on the redds, it has been difficult to assess the run of salmon based on catches, but the coming months should give us a good indication. It has been a tough year, the visiting rods have had the toughest of times, the ghillies have had a very hard season, going out day after day trying to give the rods a chance of a fish, thank you all . Thanks to all the river watches that have helped keep our salmon safe. It has been a tough season, let’s hope we next year is kinder.


Best regards


Tim Hawes

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