Weekly Report

Below is the weekly report for Sunday, January 12, 2020


The new season officially got under way on Saturday morning with piper Alister Miller leading the gathering of Anglers and friends of the river from the Ulbster Arms hotel down to the comlifoot pool on beat four.

From there Thurso regular Freddie Sutherland made the first casts of the new season after his close friend Peter Duncan welcomed all who attended and toasted the river.

On Friday evening the opening day dinner was held in the beat four restaurant at the Ulbster Arms hotel.

John Drummond welcomed everyone and gave a summary of the 2019 season before handing the floor over to Freddie Sutherland for the opening speech.

To say we laughed was an understatement, without any notes or any form of pre written speech Freddie spoke from the heart with passion and all present were treated to a side splitting hilarious talk about all aspects of what makes the river so special to everyone that has the pleasure of visiting , the scenery, the wildlife, the kind people and of course the fishing.

Scotland is well known its famous comedians,  with the big yin, (Billy Connolly) being one of the most well known world wide, on friday night I think we may have found someone that would give him a run for his money, our very own wee yin, Freddie Sutherland.

The weather forecast a few days before was predicting heavy rain and gales for the opening day, and sure enough come 09.00am it was windy and it was wet, but by some divine intervention come 10.00 am the wind dropped, the rain had stopped and what only one hour previously was looking like it was going to miserable trek down to the river turned out to be a very pleasant morning.

Most beats up and down the river were fished but besides a few kelts no sign of that opening day spring salmon.


Once again the river Thurso team would like to thank the Ulbster Arms and their staff for the opening day dinner and the refreshments after the first cast.

We look forward to welcoming both regular and new anglers to the Thurso this season.


Tight lines to all 

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