Weekly Report

Below is the weekly report for Monday, January 11, 2021


The 2021 season kicked of today in a rather different way from what we would normally expect. By now we should be talking about how the assembled crowd was piped down to the comlifoot pool on beat 4 but that was not to be. With the government guidelines only allowing two people from different households to meet outside the annual opening ceremony could not be held. 

Unlike the lockdown of last season angling is still permitted and not wanting to loose touch with tradition Alan Youngson was invited down to the  Comlifoot pool were Alan made the first cast of the new season

Hopefully as the season progresses we can return to seem form of normality, in the meantime there a few points to keep in mind when fishing the Thurso
1. Usage of facilities such as lunch huts and boats are prohibited for the time being.
2. Access through lower Westerdale farm to access beat 8 is prohibited, so parking at Westerdale bridge is the current beat 8 access point.
3. Please be considerate towards anyone you see up and down the river whether they are farmer, walker or whoever and maintain social distancing and sanitize hands before and after using any gates that access the river.
Tight lines for the new season.



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