Weekly Report

Below is the weekly report for Sunday, September 10, 2017


53 fish for the week, with 27 of these caught on the Saturday after the river rose to 22 inches overnight.


For most of the week we saw the fish in same mood as they had been for the last few weeks, in the pools but not responding. As the week went on we started to see conditions change and we now have a real Autumnal feel in the air. The temperature of the river has now dropped to the low to 50's and the wind has a bit of a bite to it. 


The rise in the river on Saturday, came mostly from the smaller burns and little river and we are now seeing the river drop back. The forecast for the next couple of days does give us some rain and the tides are big at the moment, so if there are any fish waiting in the bay I would expect them to come in.


If the rain comes, I think we could have a good week, we will see!


Tight lines to everybody fishing next week



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