Weekly Report

Below is the weekly report for Sunday, February 10, 2019


No sign of that first fish yet, the river has been running at between 16 and 32 inches all week, not a bad height, but when you are looking for that first springer there are lots of places it can be. The water has remained cold, with most of the water coming from snow melt and storm Erik.

I still haven't heard of anymore fish locally, other than the two I reported a few week ago, they will be there but the high water makes it difficult.

It has been good to see a few rods out this week, this coming week looks to be a quite different week with the weather turning warmer for a while, so would expect this will tempt a few more rods out, lets see if will tempt a few fish our way.


You may have noticed that we now have a You tube channel, this can be accessed by clicking the You Tube icon on the top of the Home page,( right hand side). Our first post is a video of the river made last year, well worth a look. 


We are also re-vamping our gallery pages and whilst we do this no pictures will be available.


Tight lines if you are out this week.


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