Weekly Report

Below is the weekly report for Sunday, April 10, 2022


Anyone fishing the Thurso over the past week could be forgiven for thinking they were fishing in January or February with air temperatures struggling to get above 5'C and more often close to freezing, this was accompanied from Tuesday onwards by squalls of hail, sleet and snow being driven in on a biting northerly wind.

We were greeted by a lift in water levels on Monday morning, it may have only been a couple of inches but fish were definitely on the move and Stuart Dawson wasted no time in landing our first fish of the week from the quarry Pool on beat 4 weighing in at 11 pounds, Stuart would also get a second fish on Wednesday from beat 13 which to date is our largest of the season at 16 pounds.


Mark MacDonald had a brace from loch Beg on Tuesday, Gavin McPherson from Aberdeenshire took one from beat 7 and yours truly (Geordie Doull) from Ronnie Graham's on beat 9. Beat 13 produced for two consecutive days at the end of the week for Ronnie Plowman and Mike Macdonald. All of these fish were typical two sea winter salmon we would expect at this time of year in the 9 to 12 pounds region.

The never ending intensity of the showers eventually gave us a further lift in levels up to 20 inches on Tuesday Morning which would of set us up nicely for the rest of the week. But mother nature had other ideas with more rainfall pushing the levels up to 57 inches which essentially left the river too high for fishing on Thursday and most of Friday.

 What is needed now is a week of settled weather with the river settling back allowing all beats to fish and some warmth in the air, there will be a mixture of excitement and anticipation around the rod room on Monday morning.

Tight lines to all next week. 

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