Weekly Report

Below is the weekly report for Sunday, May 9, 2021


While it might not be out of the ordinary to get snow and hail during the month of May this past week has been one of the coldest experienced by our anglers and ghillies in many years. Monday through to Friday was tough with strong to gale force north east winds bringing heavy showers of snow and hail with the added wind chill factor it felt more like fishing in February but our team of rods stuck it out and the rewards were there to be had with a weekly total of 28 salmon.

John Wood got the week up and running first thing on Monday morning with a sea liced 9 pounder from the corner pool on beat 3. Regular rods Bobby Byrans and Sam Glenn shared half a dozen and Mike Leach and his team of rods had 7 fish between them for 3 days with Mike having the largest from the week at 16 pounds from loch Beg. Mrs Jo Tears had her first Thurso salmon from beat and Ian Rae had 3 fish in two days including a cracking 14 pounder from beat 7.

With the majority of these salmon being liced there is no doubt better numbers are entering the river on each tide and they are well spread out with opportunities to come across these fresh run fish on every beat.

There was a small rise on Thursday from 7 to 12 inches and a slight lift in the level of loch More but Saturday evening has seen a prolonged spell of heavy rain passing through so hopefully this will give us a decent lift for next week. It also looks like some warmer weather is on its way which will be a pleasant chance from the recent cold spell. 

Again there is a warning about the condition of the roads in Caithness so to all our anglers fishing next week please take care as some of the potholes are dangerous.


Tight lines next week

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