Weekly Report

Below is the weekly report for Sunday, May 8, 2022


Another week comes to an end with catches once again into double figures with fresh fish  taken right up at beat 13.  What has become apparent is that the fish have generally speaking started taking in the streamy parts of pools in comparison to only a week ago which is without doubt due to the warmer air temperatures which in turn has lifted the water temperatures up to mid 50s Fahrenheit compared to mid to late 40s only 10 days ago. Overhead conditions were good most of the week but Saturday was a difficult day with clear blue skies and no wind.

Adrian brightley had our first fish of the week from the Weedy pool in beat 13 which weighed 11 pounds, Adrian would add another to the tally from beat 4 on Tuesday. (12 pounds pictured below)

John wood had 3, one from loch Beg on Monday followed by a brace from beat 4 on Friday all between 8 and 10 pounds. Nigel Olessen had two in 3 days including a cracking sea liced 14 pounder from the Braal pool on beat 4, Peter Duncan and Peter John Johnson also had a fish each from beat 9 and 12.

On Monday a ceremony was held on beat 10 to unveil a new bench at the Cruives eye in memory of Sam Glenn overlooking the spot he caught his last Thurso salmon, anglers and many of Sam's close family were in attendance. Bobby Bryans said a few heartfelt words about his closest friend and lifelong fishing companion, Bobby had a fish on Tuesday from one of Sam's favourite pools on the river, Jamie Sutherlands on beat 9.

Tight lines next week.


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