Weekly Report

Below is the weekly report for Sunday, August 7, 2022


If we look back at the catches throughout the week there was a clear difference between the first few days and later days with Friday and Saturday putting over 50% in the book.  The reasons for this is something we touched on in last week's report, the water temperature was still holding around the mid-60s Fahrenheit up to Wednesday, but thanks to some heavy showers and a couple of cold nights it  came down as low as 54f and this definitely helped to bring the fish on the take, even the residents further up river were showing more interest.

Young Jack Wilson had our first of the week, a 4 pound grilse from lower suilag on beat three, later in the week his father Giles would pick up a fresh grilse from beat four. 

Francis Sandison and Vikki Jagger picked up a couple, Stuart Dawson had two fresh grilse from beat 2, Colin penny took three in a day from beat 2 and a fourth from beat 10, Colin's Angling companion James Mylne manged a fresh grilse on Saturday morning from beat four.

Next week looks like it may well get warmer again but with early starts and late evenings there are plenty opportunities to be had with the right set up, light tackle and long fine leaders with small flies will work best and it often pays to sit and watch a pool for a while before jumping straight in.

Tight lines next week. 

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