Weekly Report

Below is the weekly report for Saturday, October 5, 2019


Another season comes to an end on the Thurso, and what a spectacular final week it was!

After a lift in water levels the previous weekend prospects looked good on Monday morning, and with a frost on Tuesday evening and heavy showers helping to maintain water levels throughout the week the fish responded very well with a total of 271 making this our best week of the season.

Over 90 of the fish taken were over 10 pounds with several over 20, the largest of these  25 pounds taken by Sam Glenn from the Parramore pool on beat 11 and Denis Quinn also had another at 25 from beat 6.

David Kennedy fishing with the Leach party caught his first ever salmon from beat 11, and Kate Rettie also had her first ever salmon on Saturday from beat 2 weighing 14 pounds.


So now to the end of season total. First of all monday saw the final day of September with the month ending at 517, and the 5 days of october produced a staggering 234.

So the final tally for 2019 stands at  "1,774" which is well above our 5 year average and slightly above our 10 year average.


I would like to take the time to thank our team of Ghillies on  the Thurso,  their time, effort and dedication throughout the season has been truly outstanding, often going above and beyond the normal requirements in helping our guests on the river, thank you to each and every one of you and enjoy the close season.

Also a thank you from everyone  to our end of season Barbeque team Dougie Reid senior and Dougie Reid Junior for an outstanding  spread of food and beverages on beat 10 to celebrate the end of the season, Many thanks.

And to the staff at the Ulbster Arms, Thank you for all your support and hard work.

And finally to everyone who makes the trip up to the Thurso, both regular  and new, it has been great having you fishing with us and we look forward to seeing you for the 2020 season.





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