Weekly Report

Below is the weekly report for Sunday, June 6, 2021


The weather changed dramatically this week, it seemed that we have skipped spring and went from winter to summer in a matter of days with bright blue skies and daytime temperatures pushing to the mid 20s. Despite these difficult conditions our rods this week did early mornings and late evenings and were rewarded for their efforts.

Thurso stalwarts John Graham and John goodman as ever put a few in the book, Fred Pettifer showed wisdom well above his years to coax a fish on hitch from the upper bridge pool on beat 4 on his first ever visit to the Thurso and Jamie Morrison had his first ever salmon from beat 9 weighing in at 10 pounds. 

While most catches happened either during early mornings of late evenings Phil Carr defied the odds by taking a fish during the hottest part of the week on beat 9.

What was encouraging about these early morning forays was the fish seen running during low light and more grilse have also been seen although we are still to catch one as of yet but I suspect we will have our first next week. 

As for next week it looks like much of the same but early predictions are that there may be a change by midweek..

Please take care on the roads, the continued wait for pothole repairs continues especially from Westerdale to loch More.

Tight lines next week.

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