Weekly Report

Below is the weekly report for Sunday, June 5, 2022


The first two days of the week gave us 14 fish in the book, then on Wednesday the sun made an appearance, the wind dropped which essentially made the fish very reluctant to take for a few days but with some early and late sessions from our guests later in the week we managed a further five fish, three on Friday and two on Saturday.  Looking at the catches six grilse were caught and many more were seen throughout the river.

Toby Anderson made his third trip to the Thurso in 2022 and was finally rewarded with a 10 pounder from Cruives eye on Friday night, and his fishing companion Martin Karlsson had a successful first trip to the river landing two fish from beats 2 & 10. Francis Sandison and his partner Vicki had a fish each, Gerald Davidson had two salmon on Monday morning from beat 9, Duncan laird took 3 fish for the week, Chris Adcock who has made many a summer trip decided to try late May week and picked up a grilse and a 13-pound salmon from beats 4 & 2. The two Johns (Goodman & Graham) had a brace each.

Looking back at the month of May it would be fair to say we could have had a few more fish in the book if we had more water, with an average height of 6.5 inches and only a handful of minor rises towards the end of the month. As we move into June we have a healthy stock of salmon in both loch More and the river and increasing numbers of grilse arriving daily.

Tight lines next week.


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