Weekly Report

Below is the weekly report for Sunday, October 4, 2020


Another week of improved catches all but brings our season to a close with Monday the final outing for anglers.

A week which started with settled weather turned into something wetter by midweek giving us a small lift in levels which really sturred the fish up, they became twitchy and  agitated. Often it has been said that salmon can sense a change in the weather and finally on Saturday the heavens opened and it has rained none stop for 24 hours. Salmon were seen running throughout the entire system all day long with fresh fish from the estuary running the lower beats.

This will give the river a good flush a clean out the accumulations of weed which will be vitally important for the salmon when they move on the redds in November to lay their eggs.

It's nice to end what has been an unprecedented season on a high with over 90 fish in the last two weeks. We could only imagine what might of been if this weekends weather had come a few weeks earlier, but what is important is the Thurso continues to produce healthy runs of fish consistently year after year and this year has been no different. 


Tight lines for the final day of the season

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