Weekly Report

Below is the weekly report for Sunday, July 4, 2021


The weather in the far north continues to be unhelpful with most of the week blessed with bright blue skies and light winds with temperatures well in to the mid 20s. Despite these very difficult conditions we still managed to put over 10 fish in the book. Fresh grilse continue to enter the system and have been seen running upstream as far as beat 9 and a few larger specimens are creeping in to the lower beats. 

Brian Parker had  his first trip to the Thurso and was rewarded with a brace of grilse on Monday morning from Beat 2 and fellow newbies to the river Kelly Dangoor and Peter Burke had a fish each, Mr Makin had our largest, a fresh 18 pounder from beat 3 on Thursday.

Other news from this week is the arrival of our new boat for loch More which should prove an asset in both the remaining months of this season and for many seasons thereafter.

Due to some overseas anglers having their travel plans disrupted we now have couple of vacancies in the weeks commencing Monday 26th July and Monday 30th August. These will be let on a first come first served basis, please contact our fishing coordinator Jess for further details on the following email address,     fishing@ulbsterarmshotel.co.uk.

Again please take great care on the roads as they continue to deteriorate due to lack of maintenance.

Tight lines next week.



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