Weekly Report

Below is the weekly report for Sunday, April 3, 2022


The week began much the same as the previous week ended with temperatures in the mid-teens and a real feel of spring in the air, fast forward 24 hours to Tuesday afternoon the wind swung from the south to the north and there was a marked difference in both temperature and the weather which continued through to Saturday with sleet, hail and snow.

This affected water temperatures which dropped in 48 hours from an above average 46 Fahrenheit  back down to 38f. This left this fish completely off the take for a few days until they acclimatised to such a sudden change. 

Before the change there were two fish caught, one on Monday from beat 9 and beat 4 on Tuesday. Thursday and Friday nearly yielded a few more fish with numerous takes, and a few lost before another was taken from beat 13 on Saturday.

So what to expect going into next week. We have big tides over the weekend and a prolonged spell of rain forecast from Sunday night into Monday which would certainly help to freshen things up, the one thing is for sure is that there are decent numbers of fish throughout the river.


Tight lines next week

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