Weekly Report

Below is the weekly report for Sunday, August 2, 2020


Another week flies by as does another month with July now behind us.  A week that gave us some of the strongest  gales of the year on Tuesday and one of the hottest  days of the summer on Friday, and also a rise in levels on Tuesday morning which was not as much as we expected or indeed would of hoped for but it did shuffle the fish around the beats and the blustery cooler weather certainly helped make the fish  more responsive in taking the fly giving a very respectable total of 64 for the week.

Looking back on the month of July we can take some really good positives from what we have seen. With a provisional catch of 324 for the month which is over 60 more than the July 2019, and with conditions not always the kindest to our anglers and only half the fishing effort for the first half of the month the general feeling is of a good strong grilse run this season. And as mentioned in previous reports the condition  of these fish is great to see with many grilse in the 6 pounds plus range which we have had confirmed by scale readings as one sea winter fish.

So what can we expect in the month of August, well fresh fish continue to enter the system every day, a good rise in water levels would be ideal and when it does happen there is going to be a bonanza. 


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