Weekly Report

Below is the weekly report for Sunday, May 1, 2022


We ended the week with 15 which is comfortably our best week of the season and with fish encountered every day and on nearly all the beats it is good to see the river filling back up after many salmon headed straight to loch More on the high water a few backs, amazingly some salmon moved through the system so fast a springer that met an unfortunate end to an otter was found over 10 miles above Loch More.

So on to the catches.  Trevor Smith made a welcome return to the river after a few years away and was straight in about the action on Monday morning with a 9 pounder from lower Suilag on Beat 3, Trevor would bookend the week taking an 11 pounder from Comlifoot on Saturday. Graeme Legg had an outstanding week taking four fish, the largest was 13 pounds from the Sinclair pool on beat 5. Two of the most experienced anglers to visit the Thurso each year are Arthur Muirhead and Ian Mcdonald and their years of experience came through taking a brace of fish each. 

Other notable catches were Scott Latimer with three, two of which came from beat 2 during the brightest part of the week. Richard Goddard took his first Thurso salmon from the Braal pool on beat 4 and Ian Dalton had one from  loch Beg on Saturday.

The weather has, without doubt, warmed up over the last seven days, the biting northeast wind has gone, average daytime temperatures are on the up, everything is turning green very quickly and the wonderful smells, sights and sounds of spring have taken a firm grip of the Caithness countryside.

And with this rise in temperatures, one of nature's great success stories that often goes unseen by many other than those few lucky enough to work and fish the rivers of Scotland is the annual smolt migration. While it has been ongoing for a few weeks now the increasing numbers have been very visible on the lower beats as they make the process of moving to saltwater for the next stage of an incredible journey.

Tight lines next week


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