Weekly Report

Below is the weekly report for Sunday, March 1, 2020


We arrive at the end of month still waiting for our first fish of the 2020 season, and with this year being a leap year it gave us an extra day during Febuary, unfortunately it could easily not been a leap year from a fishing point of view as Saturday the 29th proved to be a washout after heavy rain on Friday night through to Saturday morning lifting levels significantly and carrying lots of colour and riverbank debris.  

The week was generally cold with snow showers and overnight temperatures dipped below freezing, kind of what to expect towards the end of February,  but the river was settled and dropped away steadily from 23 inches on monday back to 17" by friday.



Despite having our coldest spell of weather this year early signs of spring made an appearance this week with snowdrops appearing on the riverbank. 

Hopefully the weather is kind next week as I think there is a very good chance of  a fresh fish.

Tight lines  next week.

Geordie Doull

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