Next Weeks Prospects

Below is the prospects report for Friday, June 8, 2018


I am afraid to say with the lack of rain the river is very low and fishing is very difficult; we have only managed to take 3 fish this week. Looking at next week there does seem to be a change in the weather, but I don't think it is going to be enough to give us much rain. So all in all I think it is going to be another difficult week for salmon fishing. If you are visiting us there are a number of other activities that we can look to arrange for you.

There is some very good trout fishing to be had locally, both in the river itself and nearby lochs, when you arrive speak to your ghillie or myself and we can arrange. We do have a limited amount of trout tackle available, but it is probably best to bring your own with you.

Sea-fishing is also available in the Pentland Firth, this works well for parties of around 8. Again if you interested speak to myself or your ghillie and we can arrange.

We also have golf available locally at Reay, Thurso and Wick, most of which hire clubs to visitors, but if you have space why not put a set in.


What ever you want to do we will do our best to help you.


Tight Lines to you all, Tim Hawes - Fishery Manager.

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