Next Weeks Prospects

Below is the prospects report for Thursday, May 2, 2019


We seem to be looking at a change in the weather at least for the first half of next week, breezier and cooler, this will not do us any harm. There are a few showers in the forecast, which will help, but I can't see a lot of rain, so the river will be running around 5.5 to 5 inches for most of the week, so we will still be on the lighter side of fishing tackle, floating lines and smaller flies. The water temperature will drop in the cool northerly winds, it had been reaching 57F in the late afternoons this week, but next week we should be in the low 50F's.

Yesterday rods on the lower beats saw fish pushing  through, so we still have enough water for salmon in make it into the river, the first week of May is usually when we see the spring run really getting underway, so whilst conditions will not be perfect, there will be a good chance of picking a fish or two up.

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