Next Weeks Prospects

Below is the prospects report for Saturday, April 24, 2021


This week has been bright and calm and little to no fishing has taken place meaning the river is well rested.

Next week looks like we may have a change in weather patterns with periods of rain although winds are forecast to stay light. 

Recommended tactics :  we have to consider th fish we are fishing for and with all salmon entering the system being multi sea winter fish in the 8-20 pounds category we have to tackle up accordingly. 13/14 foot double handed rods will have the backbone to handle these powerful fish although a 7/8 weight switch rod setup for a little more stealth during the morning or evenings.

Full floating lines will do fine with current water levels.

Flies :  The midfield of fly choice comes down to personal preference, fresh spring salmon are often aggressive takers when the conditions are right. Dressed hooks in the size 8 to 12 region and 3/4 inch coneheads will cover most situations but always have a few brass tubes handy for the deeper holes.


                          !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WARNING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As with many parts of Scotland the condition the main rods are in need of much needed repair leaving the minor B roads at the bottom of the pile when coming to repairs.

PLEASE take care travelling to and from your beats each day, and in particular the road from westerdale upstream to loch more has become really bad but is passable with care.

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