Next Weeks Prospects

Below is the prospects report for Saturday, May 15, 2021


Loch More is full once again and with fresh fish being caught from the lower right river right through to beat 13 the chances of bumping in to another springer or two next week looks very good.

The weather looks like it may settle down with less chance of rain with only occasional showers, the wind direction looks set to stay in a northerly direction but with a bit more west than the east like we have seen over the past couple of weeks which has left a real bite in the air temperature.

Tactics : With water levels set to stay steady through the weekend we will still have a good push of water on Monday so 13 or 14 foot rods should cover most situations. A full floating will do fine  with a variation of different weight of flies from coneheads to small brass tubes for deeper faster pots.

Without sounding like a broken record please take care on the main roads to the beats as the condition has become dangerous in places but passable, in particular form Westerdale to loch More and the access road to lower beat for and upper three at the Hoy pool

Tight lines next week 

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