Next Weeks Prospects

Below is the prospects report for Saturday, September 12, 2020


Thankfully the weather has remained on the cool side with strong winds and periods of heavy showers throughout the week which has helped to keep the water temperature down and in turn helped put a few fish in the book.

The riffled Hitch has accounted for a number of fish this week and we are starting to see a return to larger flies after many weeks fishing the smallest we could find in our fly boxes with 12s & 10s now taking fish after many weeks of fishing  16s & 18s.

Fingers crossed that the predicted weather  forecast over the weekend brings any form of a lift in water levels, remember and pack both single and double handed rods as the autumn weather in caithness can be unpredictable, you may find yourself being stealthy one day due to light winds and and then the next day requiring a large rod to deal with gales, be prepared for all types of weather.

Safe travels to all visiting us next week.

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