Next Weeks Prospects

Below is the prospects report for Friday, July 12, 2019


Loch more is full once again and is is currently running down the pass.which will give us plenty of water for the next few weeks 

Fish have been seen running in large numbers since midweek and once the river settles down o would expect the fishing to be good.

The weather looks mixed next week with showers but staying warm with daytime temperatures averaging 16'c.

13ft rods should be the norm next week but always have a single hander on standby as grilse will be found in little pots and runs that are difficult to cover with a double hander.

I would expect flies to be a mix of small 3/4 inch coneheads and 10 or 8 dressed doubles but if the river fines down later in the week may see us having to reduce our size back down to 12s or even size 14s.


Tight lines next week

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