Next Weeks Prospects

Below is the prospects report for Saturday, June 12, 2021


With no real change in the forecast for next week nothing much will change other than larger tides over the weekend will bring in larger salmon and with grilse numbers slowly building the way  we approach our fishing will change. Unlike larger salmon grilse love shallow fast streams and will often be found in places a Springer will not be.

Although there was more cloud cover this week daytime fishing was still proving non productive with early morning and late evenings being favoured by many quests.

Tackle set up has definitely become lighter, the need for big double handers and heavy lines have been shelved until we get a significant rise in levels. Single handed or switch rods will cover most situations but a light 13 footer would be handy for those windy days.

Flies sizes are well down with size 12s and 14s the go to size and do not be afraid to try a hitch or sunray. And probably the best advice any angler on the needs is always keep the fly moving.

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