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Below is the weekly report for Sunday, October 10, 2021


2021 River Thurso end of season report.


Another season has come and gone and despite the prolonged drought which lasted nearly four months the final eight days of the season left us all feeling optimistic and thinking just what might have been with a decent rise in water levels during the summer.

Before we get in to the details of those final eight days the River Thurso team must apologise for the website going off-line temporarily. It could have happened any other time but it was typical that this occurred during our best catches of the season.

On Monday the 27th of September prolonged and heavy rainfall swept over the Thurso's catchment during the early hours and well in to the day. After so many near misses both anglers and ghillies held their breath to see if we would finally get a decent rise in water. Thankfully we did and the river peaked early on Tuesday morning at 25 inches and was dropping by 8am.

After so long without rain it was inevitable that the water was going to be dirty and carrying a lot of colour and only 10 salmon were taken on Tuesday. The final 6 days of the season produced 308, an average of just over 51 salmon a day. A delight and a relief to see the Thurso on fire and showing exactly what it can be capable of given the right conditions. With 137 for September and an incredible 220 for four days fishing in October we finished with a season total of 633.

The usual end of season anglers put their fair share of fish in the book. Mike leach and his team taking over 50 fish. first time visitors Tom Porter, Dave Stevenson and Richard Meigh had tremendous sport sharing 37. Neil and Phil Richmond and Charles Mylcreest also put their fair share in the catch book. Bobby Bryans and his fellow rods from Ireland took in excess of 80 fish with Mel Campbell taking our heaviest of the season from beat 4 on Friday the 1st of October weighing in at 22 pounds.

Other first time angler that broke their Thurso duck included Mr J.Stevens and Mr I.Cottam taking a grilse each from beat 2 and also from beat 2 on the final few hours of the season Mr James Burke caught his first ever salmon.

Now that we have had more rain and loch More looks set fill over the coming days its time for the salmon to complete their incredible journey to the spawning redds. On the visual evidence over the past week there will be no shortage of fish on the redds.

Finally I would like to take the opportunity to thank Jess, Anthony and the team at the Ulbster Arms for their hard work throughout the season.

And a huge thank you to our team of ghillies for their enthusiasm and dedication this season.

See you all in 2022

The River Thurso Team. 


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